Exhibition Entry for members

ART EXHIBITION – November 2020

With the continuing uncertainties regarding Covid-19, the Lawrence Art Society’s annual exhibition will be held ONLINE this year, FOR THE WHOLE OF NOVEMBER.

It means that many more members will be able to submit artwork, and of course for the first time we have a potential global audience !

Entries can either be submitted by members themselves as photographic images, or a committee member can visit and photograph artwork on a member's behalf.

All exhibitors must be paid-up members of the Society. All work must be original and the work of the exhibitor.

The entry fee for each item of original artwork entered is £ 1.50 to cover the cost of setting up the online exhibition software, and an entry fee of £ 0.50p for any prints offered for the exhibition. A 10% commission to the Lawrence Art Society will apply to any original items sold during the exhibition (excluding prints). Entries will be accepted until October 25th 2020.

Any questions - please drop a line to exhibition@lawrenceartsociety.co.uk

Please use the entry form below to submit your entries :