To keep us busy whilst we can't get out too much, one of our members, Julie Weir, has put together some ideas for painting whilst we wait to be let out again !

We can make it a weekly challenge - one image being revealed each week for us to paint. Once finished you could e-mail a photo of your artwork back to, and they can all go on the website here !

Here's the list for the next few weeks :

  1. Long Tailed Tit
  2. A trip to the seaside.
  3. Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire.
  4. Mandarin Duck
  5. Steam Engine
  6. A boat in St Ives.
  7. A flower.

(Scroll to the bottom of the page for the latest picture to paint)

OVER TO JULIE .........


"Some inspiration for you all.

I thought that as we are all in lockdown it would be a nice idea to send you some challenges to keep us all going.

It may be a struggle at first to get back into painting but when you are ready you will find that it will help with any anxiety that you may have at the moment.  It is up to you how many you ultimately complete but it may give you some inspiration to pick up the paint brush again.  There will be a photo reference for you to use or perhaps you have your own photos that you can use instead.

  1. Great Tit


The photo above can be downloaded via the link below : 

Download the photo above here


.... and here are the results so far ! :


... by Jenny Pape
... by Jenny Pape
Pitt pastel pencils on Canson Mi-Teintes
... by Alan Padwick
... by Carol Pirie
... by Carol Pirie
... by Jill Goatman
... by Jill Goatman


A trip to the seaside. Go through some photos of your favourite seaside scene and have a go at painting it. You can use mine, it is a photo of Lamorna Cove in Cornwall.  You can almost hear the waves lapping on the shore.


Download Lamorna Cove photo here


.... and here are some seaside paintings completed ! :

... by Jenny Pape

Lamorna Cove, Winter - by David Auld

Lamorna Cove, Summer - by David Auld


Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire. Many artists have painted Woodborough Hill.  If you do a search online you will find lots to inspire you.  I have attached a photo that I took last year.  Perhaps you could paint this and really exaggerate the colours.

Download Woodborough Hill here


Mandarin Duck. I see this breed of duck all the time on the canal, they have the most amazing colours. Have a go at painting one or perhaps another duck if you prefer. 


The photo above can be downloaded via the link below : 


Download the Mandarin Duck photo here


Steam Engine from Heddington and Stockley Steam Rally last year. ‘Lord Roberts’ is a steam engine from Market Lavington Brick and Tile works.  Perhaps try a different medium and use pen and wash for this painting.  I have enclosed 2 photos for this one as I noticed that the chimney was missing on one of them.

Download Steam Engine here

Here's a steam engine painting sent in by Alan Padwick :



A boat in St Ives. I love the way the fishing boats in St Ives sit waiting for the tide to come in.  Have a go at painting a fishing boat.


The photo above can be downloaded via the link below : 


Download the St Ives Boat photo here