Spotlight on Member Artists

Emma Edmondson

I recently visited Emma who trades as EmmE Art at her studio at Pond Croft Workshops in Bratton. It turned out this was just one of three spaces she paints in. The other two being in her home in the village of Bratton. One small area in the kitchen that gives her time as a working single mum, to snatch a few moments whilst cooking, and a delightful summerhouse in her garden.


Her eclectic work environments are matched by the number of subjects Emma challenges herself to. She is impossible to pigeonhole as a landscape, wildlife, still life, or portrait artist. From following Emma on Facebook and Instagram, she is prolific in her painting, posting many new pieces a week at times.

She started painting in 2013 and is self-taught until quite recently when she is being mentored by Bernard a fellow Society member.  This liaison has introduced her to oils and is pushing her to improve and explore.

Emma looks forward to a time when being a mum doesn’t take up so much of her time and with teenage children, she can envisage a time when she can dedicate herself more to producing art. Meanwhile she fits in as much as she can painting commissions, selling prints on Etsy, exhibiting.

This year’s plans include being a part of the Cloth Road Trail and The Lawrence Society Exhibition in September.  Her undertaking to paint 100 portraits in 100 days has given her an opportunity to display them as a montage in the shape of a crown as part of the Bratton Jubilee Hall celebrations in June. The installation will be 11 ft high by 13 ft wide.


More questions :

What inspires you to paint? Anything at all. Conversations, things around me. I just feel I “need to do it”

What would you tell your younger self? Be bolder, get on and do it, be freer and less finicky. Oh, and enjoy it.

What frame of mind do you need to be to paint? Anytime I can do 10 minutes whilst preparing a meal through to setting aside the time paint. I live such a busy life that if I get time to paint, I go for it regardless of my frame of mind.


Quick Fire Questions :

What is your favourite …..

Surface? Generally, board but recently I’ve enjoyed painting on wallpaper.

Colour? Red but I hardly use it in my paintings. Cerulean Blue and Yellow Ochre seem to be when I’m painting

Medium? Oils

Subjects to paint? Landscapes and animals.

Favourite Artist? My favourite artists are Peter Brown and Fred Cunning because of how they reproduce light and Howard Tarping for his style”

Podcast? Art Juice


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